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Five Minutes to a Higher Salary (2015)

Five Minutes to a Higher Salary (2015)
Over 60 Brilliant Salary Negotiation Scripts for Getting More
Contributor(s): Lin, Lewis C (Author), Ko, Christine (Contribution by)

ISBN: 0692360050 EAN: 9780692360057

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: January 02, 2015

Written by bestselling author and salary negotiation expert, Lewis C. Lin, "Five Minutes to a Higher Salary" reveals how you can get a higher salary in five minutes or less.

Easily get higher salary outcomes by using the book's scripted email and phone templates for over 60 negotiation scenarios. Unlike other negotiation books, you will never be left guessing how to apply a negotiation theory or principle.

The book tells how to phrase your negotiation request, including the exact words to use. Scenarios covered include negotiating: Raises Base salaries Bonuses Stock options Early review More vacation time Flexible hours Relocation assistance Tuition reimbursement Severance package Visa sponsorship Special BONUSES include: The magical ONE MINUTE salary negotiation script Frequently asked questions about the negotiation process, including common mistakes and SECRET tactics Six bonus email and phone scripts for RECRUITERS and HIRING MANAGERS to close candidates

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- Business & Economics | Negotiating/careers
276 pages

Contributor Bio: Ko, Christine
LEWIS C. LIN is the Chief Negotiator at Salary Boost, a consulting firm focused on salary negotiations. He received his formal negotiation training at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.



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Our Career Centre has had this VHs and now also a DVD Version for very effective use of the students/candidates/job seekers and we certainly will recommend it to other job centres to obtain a copy for thir Library
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