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Salary Negotiation: 30+ Helpful Tips

Salary Negotiation: 30+ Helpful Tips on How to Handle Questions about Salary:(2015)
Contributor(s): Voss, Pamela (Author)

ISBN: 1514117649 EAN: 9781514117644

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: May 27, 2015
Copyright Date: 2015

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28 pages

Salary Negotiation 30+ Helpful Tips On How To Handle Questions About Salary If you are someone that loves to win especially when it comes to negotiations involving your career then you should enjoy reading this book. You will be given suggestions and tips on how to put together a plan that will make you a successful negotiator. If you feel that you are due for a salary negotiation then having a proper plan lined up will help ensure that you are going to have the negotiations leaning in your favor.

This book will be a great guideline for you so that you will know how to handle yourself during salary negotiations. If you are reading this, then you are probably looking for some help in getting some good results in a future salary negotiations that you are planning to partake in. This book is going to offer you countless scripts and phrases that you can tailor to suit your own personal needs. This book is not about teaching you negotiation theory.

It offers you scripts that are supported with reasoning and concepts from leading academic centers on negotiation research. We hope that you will be receiving a higher salary as the result of using the tips and suggestions offered in this book. Included in this book you will be given two special scripts, the first script will help you acquire a better job offer in under one minute and the second script will help you get a raise in less than two minutes!

You will be certainly glad that you downloaded this book that takes you through the negotiation process from the basics to knowing how to wrap it up and secure what you are looking to gain through the negotiation process.

You will learn how to sharpen and improve your skills when it comes to how you perform at the negotiation table. No more fumbling and being unprepared and unimpressive. Once you have the information gathered in these pages under your belt you will be ready to walk into the negotiations with confidence like you have never had before!

Download your E book "Salary Negotiation: 30+ Helpful Tips On How To Handle Questions About Salary" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button! Tags: How To Deflect Salary Questions, How To "Set The Bias" For A Higher Salary / Benefits Offer, How To Find Out What You're Worth In Terms Of Salary, How to Handle Questions About Salary, Salary Negotiation, Salary negotiation tips, salary tutor



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A must for any Public Safety Legal Department. I will recommend it strongly, being in the Legal Profession
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