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Early Childhood Education Today 13ed

Early Childhood Education Today (Revised) (13TH ed.) (2014)

Contributor(s): Morrison, George S (Author)

ISBN: 0133436500 EAN: 9780133436501

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: April 06, 2014

- Education | Elementary/- Education | Professional Development/- Education | Preschool & Kindergarten/-Early childhood education /- Interdisciplinary Studies | Early Childhood Education

Table of Contents:
Part 1 - Early Childhood Education and Professional Development Chapter 1 You and Early Childhood Education: What Does It Mean to Be a Professional? Chapter 2 Current Issues and Public Policy: Contemporary Influences on Children and Families Chapter 3 Observation and Assessment for Teaching and Learning: Effective Teaching Through Appropriate Evaluation Part 2 - Foundations: History and Theories Chapter 4 The Past and the Present: Prologue to the Future Chapter 5 Theories Applied to Teaching and Learning: Foundations for Practice Part 3 - Programs and Services for Children and Families Chapter 6 Early Childhood Programs: Applying Theories to Practice Chapter 7 Child Care: Meeting the Needs of Children and Families Chapter 8 The Federal and State Government: Supporting Children's Success Part 4 - Teaching Today's Young Children: Linking Development and Learning Chapter 9 Infants and Toddlers: Foundation Years for Learning Chapter 10 The Preschool Years: Readiness for School and Life Chapter 11 Kindergarten Education: Learning All You Need to Know Chapter 12 The Primary Grades: Preparation for Lifelong Success Chapter 13 Technology and Young Children: Education for the Information Age Part 5 - Meeting the Special Needs of Young Children Chapter 14 Guiding Children: Helping Children Become Responsible Chapter 15 Multiculturalism: Living and Learning in a Diverse Society Chapter 16 Children with Diverse Needs: Appropriate Education for All Chapter 17 Parent, Family, and the Community Involvement: Building Partnerships for Student SuccessAppendix A NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment Appendix B NAEYC Guidelines for Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth Through Age Eight Appendix C Time Line: The History of Early Childhood Education

A leading text for Introduction to Early Childhood Education courses keeps students on the cutting edge of early childhood teaching practice and professionalism. This title is available as a more affordable e-book with embedded video to illustrate key concepts and pop-up assessments to help students assess their proficiency.George Morrison's newest edition presents current, research-based information on providing high-quality early education to all children so that they can be successful in school and in life.

The new edition retains the engaging style that has made the book so popular and provides practical examples of authentic teaching practices used by master teachers. Its strong coverage of development in the age/grade-specific chapters and its emphasis on diversity make it a leading text in the field.

The new edition integrates 13 critical themes that are foundational to the field today: the importance of children's literacy development, teaching in increasingly diverse classrooms, applying developmentally appropriate practice, closing the achievement gap, integrated special education and early childhood education services, teaching in inclusive classrooms, closing school readiness gaps, meeting the challenges of teacher accountability, integrating STEM subjects into the curriculum, providing for children's mental health, using technology to support learners, developing as a professional, and guiding children's behavior to promote personal responsibility.

Contributor Bio: Morrison, George S
George S. Morrison, Ed.D., is professor of early childhood education at the University of North Texas where he teaches early childhood courses to undergraduate and graduate students. Professor Morrison's accomplishments include a Distinguished Academic Service Award from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and an Outstanding Service and Teaching Award from Florida International University.



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