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Communicating with Grammar: Skills for Life 1

Communicating with Grammar: Skills for Life 1

Alice Johnston-Newman and Julita Milewski

Paperback 216 pp.
Approx. 114 full-colour photos and 30 figures, 8.5" x 11"



Publication date:
March 2014
Series : Communicating With Grammar

Communicating with Grammar: Skills for Life is a Canadian series for ESL and EFL students looking to improve their understanding of English grammar. Students improve their command of English through a broad spectrum of themed chapters that set them up for further study or work in an English-speaking environment. Through a "learn-practise-use in context" approach, the books deliver the essential grammar concepts via both practical exercises and communicative activities which help students internalize the grammar in context, helping them become functional in English as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Level 1 is designed for students with basic English who still need to build a solid foundation of the major verb tenses and sentence structure.

Readership : Basic-level ESL students needing grammar instruction or practice.

Special Features

A task-based communicative approach to grammar.
Real-life practise. Each chapter opens with a real-life task during which students have to use the new grammar point in order to communicate with their classmates.
Four Skills. Offering grammar instruction through the use of the four skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking - the series helps students internalize concepts for better use in all their communication.
Focused. Avoids long digressions into exceptions or minor nuances of grammar. Instead it sticks to the essentials and gives students as much exposure as possible to the core concepts through a variety of exercises based on real-life uses of each concept.
Authentic. Reading and Listening components are from authentic sources, preparing students for real-world communication.
Canadian. Written by a Canadian author.



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