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Interpersonal and Group Dynamics: A Practical Guide to Building an Effective Team, 2nd Edition

Interpersonal and Group Dynamics: A Practical Guide to Building an Effective Team, 2nd Edition

Author: Bjorkquist
Year: 2011
Description: Text-workbook / Softcover / One colour / TBA pages
Instructor's Guide/Teacher's Resource: Available Soon
Subject: Group Dynamics/Leadership/Teamwork

The second edition of Interpersonal and Group Dynamics provides a practical introduction to such topics as group member roles, establishing rules, goal setting, effective communication, dispute and problem resolution, and evaluation of group performance. Author Bruce Bjorkquist has over 20 years' experience as a group dynamics professor, and the book is more akin to a training manual than a traditional textbook, enlivened with the conversational tone of a coach. It is light on theoretical analyses of group dynamics, and heavy on basic "how-to" explanations. Any college program offering a course in group dynamics will find this an effective text that is well suited to a classroom environment.
Top ∧Features

* Retention of the successful "Experiential Learning Model," a structured way to assist students in the development of the skills necessary for constructive contributions to teamwork in both college classes and the workplace. The model is carefully explained, and it is supported by a wide variety of practical learning directions and exercises. Teachers can employ the model in its entirety or opt to tailor it to their particular circumstances.

* Addition of a new appendix, "Conducting Business Meetings Effectively in Your Group," that is dedicated to describing the essential elements of a successful business meeting. It covers all the basics, including room selection, meeting notification documents, meeting agendas and minutes, rules of order, and participant roles and responsibilities (chair, recorder, reporter, attendee). Students will know what to do prior to, during, and after their meetings, whether those meetings are held face-to-face or conducted electronically.

* Extensive revision of key sections to improve readability and comprehension.

* Addition of new material that contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics, including Three Areas of Leader Responsibility, Why Groups Have Rules, The Principles of Ethical Conduct, Empathy: The Ethical or Moral Feeling, Dialogue: Speaking and Listening Effectively, Three Characteristics of a Cohesive Team, Mediation, Critical Thinking and Critical Discussion.

* Addition of a variety of boxed items that serve as study aids, discussion starters, and document samplers throughout the text.

* Revised and updated key terms, margin notes, reference lists, and recommended readings.

* Updated Teacher's Guide with revised forms, sample agendas and minutes, a test bank, and PowerPoint presentation.

* Useful URLs added for each chapter.

Top ∧Content Summary

Chapter 1: Member Roles: Participating Effectively in Your Group

Chapter 2: Leader Roles: Leading Effectively in Your Group

Chapter 3: Norms: Establishing Effective Rules in Your Group

Chapter 4: Goals: Setting Clear Targets for Your Group

Chapter 5: Dialogue: Speaking and Listening Effectively in Your Group

Chapter 6: Conflict: Resolving Disputes in Your Group

Chapter 7: Cohesion: Building Your Group into a Unified Team

Chapter 8: Critical Discussion: Generating Ideas in Your Group

Chapter 9: Decisions: Solving Problems in Your Group

Chapter 10: Evaluation: Improving Your Groupís Performance

Appendix A: Meetings: Conducting Business Effectively in Your Group

Appendix B: The Experiential Model: Teaching and Learning Group Skills

Appendix C: The Experiential Exercises


Top ∧About the Author

Bruce Bjorkquist has more than 35 years of experience teaching in Ontario's community college system. Throughout his career he taught at Conestoga College in the Region of Waterloo, focusing on group dynamics, ethics, and introductory social science courses.

In 1988 Bruce became the first recipient of Conestoga's Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award. That same year he was a national nominee for the Association of Canadian Community College's Innovative Teacher of the Year award. In 1989 he participated in an international study of teacher excellence and received the National Teaching Excellence award from the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development at the University of Texas at Austin. In 2007 he was keynote speaker at a conference in Vaasa, Finland, the country from which his parents emigrated to Canada.

Bruce earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), his Master of Divinity degree in theology from Concordia Seminary (St. Louis, Missouri), and his Master of Arts in philosophy from the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario). Throughout his years of study and classroom teaching, Bruce was actively involved in community service in a wide variety of organizations. He enjoys hiking and has had the good fortune to do so in the mountains of Canada, the US, and Europe.

In addition to being an author with Emond Montgomery Publications, Bruce has also written The Principles of Ethical Reasoning: Ethics and Policing in a Civil Society, a Pearson Education 2002 publication.



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