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 Nail It!: 10 Secrets for Winning the Job Interview

Nail It!: 10 Secrets for Winning the Job Interview

Pat Williams (Author)

Paperback/ 160 pages

ISBN-13: 9781599321585


"Pat Williams nails down the top ten list for job interviews, but in doing so, he also hits on the head many of the best pieces of advice for living a life of integrity and success. I use many of his chapter subjects in my own speeches about leadership and accountability. Reading this book will help anyone shine during these tough economic times when jobs are few and candidates are many." —JOHN C. HITT, President, University of Central Florida

"I have known Pat Williams for many years and I consider him one of the best business minds around. His new book, Nail It!, will help all job-seekers to think of themselves as multi-functional Swiss Army knives." —ANDY DOLICH, COO, San Francisco 49ers

"Pat Williams has produced a book that is required reading for anyone seeking a job in today’s market. Nail It! gives you a complete game plan for interview preparation and execution. With Pat’s “nail gun” in your hands you will be well positioned to succeed." -BILL POLIAN, President, Indianapolis Colts


How can you be sure you’ll win that next job interview? Unless you have a crystal ball, a genie’s lamp, or a lucky rabbit’s foot that accurately forecasts the future, it is difficult to predict. NBA guru Pat Williams knows a trick or two about what it takes to make the team’s final cut. In this book, he shows you how to build a business network, plan your career path, package yourself to get the right kind of attention, and much more. The secret to nailing the job interview is to approach life as if every day is a championship game.



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