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Marine Fire Fighting Manual & Both Study Guides (Print & CD)

Marine Fire Fighting Manual & Both Study Guides (Print & CD)
Item#: 37469

For Marine Fire Fighting manual 1st edition manual and BOTH study guides (print and CD-ROM).

* Marine Fire Fighting Manual - addresses the shipboard fire fighting requirements of various maritime regulatory organizations such as U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and International Maritime Organization. It will aid the mariner, whether a new entrant about to join a vessel for the first time or an officer seeking higher certification, whether a young officer charged with inspecting fire equipment or conducting a training session or a senior officer conducting a drill while in command: All will find information within these pages to assist them in their tasks.

It provides a resource to the mariner for use when attending courses required by regulations in fire fighting and safety, for self-study, and when instructing others during training and drills. The content covers all aspects of fire prevention and suppression on board, whether a vessel is sailing deep sea, coastal, or inland waters or whether a mariner is in the merchant service, naval service, or coast guard. Vessel personnel must be their own fire department, police, and ambulance. This text will improve the basic and advanced knowledge and skill of shipboard crew members and also guide them when interfacing with land-based firefighters who respond to shipboard fires.

* Marine Fire Fighting Study Guide (print) - designed to help the reader understand and remember the material presented in the IFSTA manual that it accompanies. The guide identifies important information and concepts from each chapter and provides questions to help the reader study and retain this information. In addition, the study guide serves as an excellent resource for individuals preparing for certification or promotional examinations.

* Marine Fire Fighting Study Guide (CD-ROM) - electronic versions of IFSTA's classic printed study guides. They allow the individual student to proceed through the questions in any order, find out immediately whether their answer is right or wrong and be referred to the source for the correct answer, if necessary. The program also tracks the results of each session.




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I find getting this bundle for our centre has been very helpful as it helps both the counsellors as well as students in understanding the particular situations and using those details to their advantage. As a counsellor, I surely would recommend other career centres
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