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ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract#619

ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract
ICC Publication No. 619, 1999 Edition

The paper copy of this publication contains the text of the contract on a disquette.
Kindly Note: the CD Rom is not included when you purchase

ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract is a thoroughly researched Model Contract designed for intermediary transactions. It is another Model in a series of ICC Model Contracts concerned with commercial distribution, and provides a unique and balanced legal platform that takes into account the interests of all parties involved in a non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreement.

The Occasional Intermediary, unlike the Agent, undertakes to provide certain services to the parties without any continuing obligation to develop the market. The definition of his rights and obligations has long been absent in the market place. This Model Conract, therefore, fills an important gap in the series of reliable documents to be used in international, as well as domestic, transactions.

* The Special Conditions set out the terms specific to this type of contract.
* The General Conditions included in the model are common to all transactions incorporating the ICC General Conditions for Non-Circumvention and Non-disclosure Agreements.
* The services to be provided by the intermediary are defined in the publication.
* The exclusive rights of the intermediary are described.
* The intermediary's undertaking not to complete is clarified.

The ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract takes its place among other respected ICC Model Contracts dealing with Commercial Agency, Distributorship, Franchising and Sales. These important instruments provide confidence to the parties, and to the trading community, that commercial transactions can be conducted according to internationally accepted principles.

Table of Contents
Foreword, Introduction

1. Purpose of the Model

2. The Model Occasional Intermediary Contract and Other ICC Models

3. Division in Two Parts: Special Conditions and General Conditions

4. The General Clauses: Good Faith and Fair Dealing

5. The Services to be Provided by the Intermediary

6. Exclusive Rights of the Intermediary - Customer Protection

7. Undertaking Not to Compete

8. The Intermediary's Remuneration

9. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Obligations

10. Term of the Agreement

11. Law and Resolution of Disputes

A. Special Conditions

B. General Conditions
# ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract - Paper version
- No. 619 Details Details
ISBN 92-842-1272-3 / 978-92-842-1272-9
Size 21 x 29.7 cm, pages.

Includes the text of the contract on a disquette



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