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Boomers Job Search Guide

Boomers Job Search Guide

Saundra Marling (Author), Jill Pfaff-Waterbury (Author)

* Paperback: 128 pages
* (March 2006)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1424315220
* ISBN-13: 9781424315222

Boomers' Job Search Guide has been written for an ever-expanding audience of men and women who for one reason or another are not ready or willing to climb into the rocking chair.

The rise of "gray labor" is a result of many reasons which spread across the spectrum, some of which are: recent economic downturn, increasing life expectancy, corporate downsizing, additional financial pressures, loss of benefits and increasing entrepreneurial interests. This guide is an easy to follow path for mature workers in a job search.

The book covers the 10 primary aspects of job search focused on specific information for the over 50 worker. The following is a brief description of the book's chapters. · Assessments - Assessing your skills, accomplishments, and personality. · Decision Making - Take time to weigh your options and consider the alternatives. · Setting Your Plan - A marketing plan is necessary for a focused search. · Resume - A well-written resume will illustrate recent experience and accomplishments. · Image - Personal presentation is a big consideration. · Targeting Your Markets - A discussion of where to locate the markets and how to open them. · Networking and Informational Meetings - The most important part of your job search is networking. · Interviewing - Basics for a successful interview. · Negotiating - Negotiating the best Win/Win situation for both worker and company. · Communication - Well-written and good verbal communication is a must. Boomers' Job Search Guide provides the mature worker with KEY sections throughout the book that give specific age related information pertinent to each chapter. There are many success stories related in each chapter about real people who have made successful changes after 50. Included are pertinent resources at the end of each chapter for additional reading information and websites.

The workbook format gives the reader an opportunity to answer questions and apply information to personal issues. There are examples of resumes and letters; inspirational quotes; and lists of employers that target older workers; and a listing of traits the older worker is selling.

This Job Search manual is a wealth of information for the Mature Worker seeking a new opportunity.



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